Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Oaklee's first Birthday and a picture disaster

   So here is one of the (many) blog post I will be doing to get up to date with my blog, if that ever happens. :) Oaklee turned one on May 12, 2012 (forever ago!) and we had a kneaders breakfast with our little family, and later that day had some family over for cake and ice cream! I made Oaklee a pink and white flower cake that had a tutu around it, it turned out so good! I was super worried since I really haven't done a whole lot of baking. I will have to find a couple pics from the party.

We also decided to get some family pictures taken since the last ones were a while ago. was a DISASTER!! Oaklee was so aweful, I dont even know what the dealio was with her. Seriously...bawling....screaming....mess! Luckily we made it through the shoot alive and there were a couple that turned out ok(i guess) but I dont totally love them. oh well. Oh and Oaklee decided she would stick her tongue out the WHOLE time. She never really does that, she was just in a weird mood that day I guess!

 Oaklee digging into her cupcake!
                                                             she loved the cake for about 10 seconds :/
 You seriously should have seen the mess Oaklee left after this one for the photographer to clean up! I felt really bad....Oaklee, me, Derek, and the photographer were all covered in pink frosting... oh and the floor too!
 sad Birthday girl!
 No one likes frosting in their eyes :(
 family pic!
 Very first pic of the shoot, she was still happy!
 Second pic...then it was all downhill from there! this is my favorite though

 heres the tongue
 and again! there is about 57 more like this one! funny girl
 Cute hubby