Monday, November 5, 2012

Happy Halloween!

We had a fun Halloween this year! Oaklee was the cutest cupcake I've ever seen! :) We went with our cousins Easton and Lincoln to Grandma Heidi's school (Eaglecrest Elementary) and watched the kids Halloween parade. It's always fun to see all the creative costumes. Then we went and trick or treated Lehi Main Street with Grandma SheRie, Great Grandma Wagner, Aunt Carlene, my cousin Cally, and her cute girls Brinlee and Reagan. I never knew they did the trick or treating on main street, but it was super fun and just the right amount for the little kids. :) Later we trick or treated around our new neighborhood which was a good way to meet all our neighbors. Nyx, our puppy, came around with us and Derek enjoyed all the comments about his "beautiful dog". Haha he really is a pretty dog though!

We had a ton of trick or treaters and ran out of candy way fast, we ended up turning our lights off after that! Next year I'll have to buy a lot more candy. We wouldn't have ran out so fast if Derek didn't give kids 3 candy bars each! He's way too nice:)

Oaklee LOVED all the "canny" she got and got sick by the end of the night, we had to hide her candy. It was way too hard to say no to such a cute little face!