Tuesday, November 22, 2011

6 months old!!

I cannot even believe it...but Oaklee is 6 months old now. It's crazy how time flies by. She has grown so much and has the funniest little personality. She is a VERY busy baby, and can't hardly sit still long enough to drink a couple of ounces of her bottle! She loves eating baby food ( and everything else she can get into her mouth for that matter!) Especially pears and peaches. Not as big of a fan of peas though.

Oaklee is getting close to crawling now, and even though she isn't quite there yet she can still manage to get into everything by rolling EVERYWHERE she wants to go. She will pull all of the DVDs off the shelf, rip apart any paper she can get her hands on, and pull all the wipes out of the wrapper....so helpful. :)

For Halloween Oaklee was a SKUNK. We were able to borrow my niece Lily's costume from a few years ago. She looked so cute in the costume. We went trick or treating to Grandpa Dave's house and Grandma Heidi's house. Grandma Heidi gave Oaklee a sucker to try, of course she loved licking it. Funny girl. :)

Some of Oaklee's favorite things:

  • rolling around and making a mess
  • SQUEELING at the top of her lungs to make sure you are paying attention to her. And then smiling and laughing when you say "what?"
  • talking jibberish
  • eating baby food
  • stroller rides
  • sitting up
  • trying to wiggle out of her bumbo chair (she can about do it)
  • blowing bubbles
  • pulling mom's hair
  • popcorn popping (likes it much better than pat-a-cake)
  • grabbing mom's food off her plate
  • being tickled
  • bath time
  • riding in the car
  • Easton and Lincoln
  • grabbing mommy's face and slobbering all over it
Oaklee had her 6 month Dr.s appointment a week and a half ago. (hate going to these and getting shots!) She had a blast playing with the paper on the exam table and ripping it to shreds.

Her 6 month stats:
Head circumference- 42.8 cm - 65th percentile
Length- 27.3 inches - 90th percentile
Weight- 18 lbs. 8 oz - 90th percentile

Visit to Monticello

About a month ago we took a trip down to Monticello to visit Grandpa Gary and Grandma Bev. It was a fun time, and Oaklee got LOTS of grandma/grandpa time between them and Grandma Heidi and Grandpa Curt. They have a hot tub at their house so we all spent a good amount of time hanging out in there. :) Minus Oaklee who was already asleep for the night. It is really neat to watch all the deer walk into the backyard and just hang out back there the whole time we were out there! One of them even walked up to the hot tub and layed down on the grass...crazy!

 We took a drive with Oaklee up past Lloyd Lake and took some pictures of all the pretty fall colors. Oaklee was a good sleeper there and on the way home. The highlight of the trip was Derek getting pulled over less than 2 minutes after we got onto the highway and getting a speeding ticket!! NOT FUN..

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

pierced ears

So I've been wanting to get Oaklee's ears pierced for a while now, but was too scared to take her because....ouch! Well Derek and I finally took her when she was 4 months old (yes, yes I know I'm a little behind on my blogging) and it wasn't bad at all! She did so good and only cried for a few seconds. And I have to say, her new pierced ears look stinkin' cute! She doesn't bother with them at all, they doesn't even know they are there!

 such a happy girl. Derek held her while the girl pierced her ears.

Oaklee being such a brave girl! :)

One little tear on her cheek :(

Cute baby ears!

love the cute earrings
Oaklee taking a post ear piercing nap on the ride home.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

catch up time!!

SO much has happened since the last time I posted, so I'm going to try to catch you all up to speed...we'll see if I can. There is just so much to tell!

Well Oaklee is now 4 month old (almost-she will be Sept. 12) I can't believe she is already that big! I don't know where all the time has gone. She started rolling over at 3 months, and she's a little rolling pin now! Changing diapers is starting to become quite the task! Now I see why my sister-in-law often changes my little nephew standing up! lol

We have had such a busy and fun summer with Oaklee. She has been to Lake Powell, Grandma Bev's in Montecello, swimming many times, seen the 4th of July fireworks(and loved them), shopping(a lot), camping, and even 4-wheeling with Derek!

We blessed Oaklee on July 17, 2011. It was such a good day, and Derek did a great job :) It was lots of fun to get everyone together!

Oaklee loves playing with her boy cousins Easton and Lincoln- they are crazy boys! Lincoln loves to hold Oaklee and give her her binky. Easton is always trying to entertain her and make her smile or laugh. Just the other day he was jumping over top of her while she was laying on the ground- probably not the smartest idea to let him- but Oaklee thought Easton was SO silly! She giggled and giggled! She has the cutest little laugh I've ever heard! The fun ended when Easton accidentally landed on Oaklee's head... :( She didn't quite like that, and Easton felt bad that he hurt her.

Oaklee has also visited her other cousins Lily, Jet, and Jax quite a few times. The boys loved to look at the baby, and Lily loved playing peak-a-boo with her and Grandma SheRie, she giggled and giggled at silly Lily!

I've posted a bunch of pictures that I have taken over the past few months- there are quite a few, hope you like them!!

 Oaklee loves her bumbo! hanging out in Grandpa Dave's camping trailer

 4-wheeler ride with daddy! she Loved it!
 hangin out in West Canyon camping
 Grandpa Dave and Oaklee having a baba by the camp fire! :)
 cute baby girl in her tutu!
 Cute little swimmer girl! 8 weeks old
 Oaklee's all ready to go boating for the first time at Lake Powell! Linc is being very helpful and giving Oaklee her binky :)
 Grandpa Curt and Oaklee having a Lake Powell snooze at the trailer
 Daddy and Oaklee just swingin at Grandma and Grandpa Adairs house in Montecello
Lincoln LOVES to hold "baby O" 

 cousin Easton, Grandma Bev, Oaklee, and cousin Linc having story time together
 she loooves her tubby time
 smily baby girl! Oaklee first started smiling when she was 5 weeks old :)
 Pretty bow to go with her blessing dress, and a VERY pretty girl! :)
 Oaklee being a big girl!
nap time at mommy's work, I'm so glad I get to take her with me:)

Having a baba all by herself
Just talking and talking. 3 months old

Every girl needs their toes painted! Oaklee's very first pedicure :)
 Modeling one of the cute flowers I made for her. 6 weeks old

silly girl! don't you know socks go on your feet?! not your hands :)

Oaklee loves her swing! Belle was not quite sure what to think of Oaklee when we brought her home. She mostly just hung out upstairs with Grandma and Grandpa Wagner. This is as close to Oaklee and she dared to get! lol

 Getting ready to go night-night
 At my sister Sheriece's house celebrate the twins first birthday!
We blessed Oaklee on July 17, 2011. It was such a good day,and we were glad that our friends and family came to celebrate this day with us and with Oaklee. 

Oaklee and Mommy getting ready

 Just a little pre-blessing nap!

Oaklee and daddy

Oaklee's pretty dress! Grandma SheRie made the headband for her, so cute!

Grandma SheRie also bought Oaklee the cute bracelet she is wearing :) love it!

Well I am all out of time for now, but I will post more again soon!! <3