Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Visit to Monticello

About a month ago we took a trip down to Monticello to visit Grandpa Gary and Grandma Bev. It was a fun time, and Oaklee got LOTS of grandma/grandpa time between them and Grandma Heidi and Grandpa Curt. They have a hot tub at their house so we all spent a good amount of time hanging out in there. :) Minus Oaklee who was already asleep for the night. It is really neat to watch all the deer walk into the backyard and just hang out back there the whole time we were out there! One of them even walked up to the hot tub and layed down on the grass...crazy!

 We took a drive with Oaklee up past Lloyd Lake and took some pictures of all the pretty fall colors. Oaklee was a good sleeper there and on the way home. The highlight of the trip was Derek getting pulled over less than 2 minutes after we got onto the highway and getting a speeding ticket!! NOT FUN..

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