Thursday, March 3, 2011

the first blog!

Well, after many hours of  trying to figout out this confusing it is! The official blog of Derek and Dano! We wanted to make a blog so that once the baby is here I can post cute things she does and pics of her too. Especially for the friends and family that don't live so close to us. We may not have many followers...yet, since no one really knows that this blog exists yet but they will!

So here are some pics that Derek has taken of my growing belly over the last little while:
                                                                    This is 22 weeks

                                                                    This is 24 weeks!
                                                                           25 weeks!
                                                    26 and a half weeks on Valentines day :)

                                   and this is the most recent at 29 weeks! not super glamorous but it will do.

As of today I am 29 weeks along, and everything has been going great. The baby is growing like she should be, and kicks me non-stop all day long! The kicking has become somewhat of a comfort to me when I sleep at night. I sleep much better if she is kick boxing my insides all night long rather than is she is calmer. Though I cannot seem to get enough sleep, I am CONSTANTLY exhausted and everyone tells me it will be taht way from now on...oh no! I am someone who definitely needs my (at least) 8 hours a night. hmmm this should be interesting! Well if every other mother can do it, then so can I! Crazy that I only have 11 more weeks to go til she gets here :) probably a little longer since I'll probably go past my due date. The due date is May 19, which by the way is my mother in-law Heidi's birthday, she just might be sharing her birthday with her first granddaughter! :) (Derek likes to brag to his siblings how he is mom's favorite now since he is giving her the first girl grand kid haha)


  1. I'm so excited for you guys! Don't worry about what people say about the no sleep, you'll do great!

  2. Derek you finally have a blog. Congrats on your baby girl, that is super exciting. I agree, don't worry about no sleep, when she gets here you won't even care about sleep and even when she does sleep you will check her every two seconds to make sure she is still breathing. lol, that is what I did with my first. Love for you guys to check out my blog.

  3. You make such a cute prego lady! You are going to be such a great mom. Love you Dano!