Sunday, April 17, 2011

The nursery is done! (I think..) :)

So I have been cleaning out the extra bedroom we're using and trying to turn it into the baby's bedroom. It's been taking me quite some time but I think its finally done....but who knows, because I change my mind about it like every other day! Derek's been so good to help me and be the handy man that hangs everything up too. :)

I made these letter blocks a few months ago.. not too long after we found out we were having a girl actually. They were super easy and turned out so cute I love them. I also painted and sanded the self, which I bought at Hobby Lobby of course!

The crib bedding is being borrowed to me from my sister. Its SUPER cute, and has little flowers and birdies on it. Our search for a comfy glider ended up being a lot more difficult than I would have wanted. After buying a less expensive one from Walmart(thinking we were so clever for saving the extra money of buying one from babies r us....) but it was SO uncomfortable!! We ended up returing that one, ordered one online which was on back order and the order got cancelled...and ordered from another website and finally got the chair 3 weeks later! Derek wasn't super excited because it wasn't the color he wanted. BUT I think its just fine and most importantly its comfy! whew that was exhausting!!

Didn't make this one, but I did get it at Hobby Lobby. ( that store is my addiction) It's a little towel hook thing :) and the things hanging on it are binky clips that I made.. I should have taken a better pic but wasn't thinking about that. They are made out of ribbon, a snap, a flower or button, and of course a binky!

I painted this shelf also to match the bigger one on the other wall. The picture frames I "hodge podged" as Derek likes to call it, using some birdy scrap book paper some pink and black paint and sand paper. :) making them was was getting them hung up evenly that Derek and I had a hard time with! haha and the decorations are from Hobby Lobby (ok everything I bought for the room is from there I think).

So we didn't have a changing table and I really did not want to spend the money to get one, because I think they are way overpriced, so we just made the dresser into one :) I think it will work just as well! We just anchored the pad down to it and tada! its a changing table!

I made this cute little bow holder with a little help from my mom. I used scrapbook paper and "hodge podge", hot glued the ribbons onto the back, embossed a cute design onto the front, and put the white hook on. I have a bunch of bows already and got more from my baby shower so hopefully I made enough room for them all!!

We had my baby shower yesterday, and it went great. I got a lot of cut clothes and TONS of diaper and wipes!!! my sister said I prob wont need more wiped for like 2 years, thats how many I got. and WELL over 1,000 diapers too, which are all newborn and size ones...crazy! I think its safe to say that we are ready for baby Oaklee to make her arrival! She has more clothes than I know what to do with! I think she'll grow too fast to even get to be able to wear them all. I will be 36 weeks this week, so we're getting really close! yay for that, because I'm about dying with the swollen hands, feet, and face..and all the other glorious things that come along with being prego. :) ( like not being able to go up a flight of stairs without getting winded and needing to take a breather at the top!) But anyways, we're really excited  to meet her, and probably spoil her rotten! :)


  1. Love your nursery, it looks fabulous.

  2. WTH? You don't even tell your own SISTER you have a blog? Nice...Glad I found it though. Now post some pics of my niece!