Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Ten Months Old

Yup, you read that title right....TEN months old?! When did that happen? I swear it seems like Baby O should only be 3 or 4 months still. lol and I can't believe she is almost one year old. That is just crazy!

At 10 months old Oaklee:
weighs 21 pounds 8 ounces (about the same as her cousins Jet and Jax who are 21 months! Yes she is a chunk....and I LOVE it)
has the prettiest blue eyes I have ever seen (she got that from daddy)
waves bye-bye
loves peak a boo
loves reading books
blues clues
her "baba"
HATES baby food (she is much too big for that, or so she thinks)
fish crackers
likes when daddy throws her up in the air
playing with her cousins (she thinks she is one of the big kids)
bath time
AND she has been WALKING!!! She still is walking short distances and crawling most of the time but she is walking! crazy.


  1. O my goodness Dano~ She is getting so big. She is gorgeous by the way!! You guys have the cutest little family!

  2. OH!!! fun! she is so cute!! haha before you know it she'll be 16 and dating boys! haha You have a cute little family!!