Wednesday, July 18, 2012

And WHY did I create a blog again??

Umm... If any of my few followers haven't noticed I haven't blogged in about, oh....3 or 4 months. Ya I suck at this whole thing I am finding out! It's so time consuming collecting all of my pics from the cannon, iphone, facebook, etc. getting them ALL on the same computer, oh and good luck trying to get my laptop to think any faster than the speed of smell. Then once I finally get that done I have to actually write the post....hmmm. Im wondering if there is something that I am missing or not doing right lol because some people that blog do it like everyday and its just no biggie, wtf. Maybe if my computer didnt suck so bad. Im actually using hubbys work laptop since I couldnt get mine to work (thanks Der!) I wish I could blog from the ipad, I would probably update a lot more often just because literally the ONLY time I open my laptop is to blog! lol anyway....that was my random spill and frustrations about THAT. Oh and this post isnt going to be updating on everything that you have missed the last few months. I'm going to have to do that tomorrow when I have more time and patience.

SOOoo much has happened since April or whenever my last post was. On May 12 my baby girl turned ONE YEAR OLD! I cant believe how the time flew. She is getting so big, I just cant believe it. We had a fun birthday party with family and she loved her cake and new toys. :) I promise I will post pics of all this fun.

 Not sure if i mentioned it or not but to anyone that may not know we are currently in the process of building our first HOME!! We are building in Saratoga Springs right by the Lake and Talons Cove golf course, our backyard is on the 2nd hole. Its a super fun and exciting process and I have lots of pics to share as the process goes on and I will try my best to get them all on here so you can see the progress!! It has also been a super super stressful thing too....dealing with contractors and things going WRONG or NOT the way they were suppose to be! But I will get more into that later. I tell ya I am losing hair over this people. Anyone that knows me, especially my husband and family will tell you I am a worrier, and this is just no bueno! I will tell you that our move in date was suppose to be July 21....and now its been pushed CLEAR back to September 1....yup I'm pissed..But the house will be so nice once its done(as long as the builder does what he is suppose to) My uncle Mike has been or realtor through this whole adventure and can I just tell you how awesome he is? He has put up with so much of my crazyness and working out all the kinks and miscommunications with the builder, he has been fantastic!

Welp, I was originally planning on posting a huge long post tonight with pictures of all the updated events, but....I'm still trying to get the pictures situated so I will work on that tomorrow and hopefully get them up here. Derek really wants me to be better about blogging lol and he couldnt believe that I hadnt posted anything yet about the house. lol so I better get on that!

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